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meaning_cameron's Journal

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absolutely fabulous, aha shake heartbreak, alex drake, alexis bledel, almost famous, amanda seyfried, amélie poulain, ana beatriz barros, ashes to ashes, babyshambles, bands, because of the times, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, blondie, brandon flowers, caleb followill, cansei de ser sexy, cassie ainsworth, catherine tate show, chuck bass, coupling, david tennant, dirty pretty things, dita von teese, doctor who, eastenders, ed westwick, effy stonem, elle, emily fitch, fabrizio moretti, fashion, fashion icons, fawlty towers, first impressions of earth, freddie, friends, gaspard ulliel, gemma ward, gene hunt, gilmore girls, girls aloud, glamour, goodbooks, gossip girl, harry potter, hugh laurie, hustle, iamx, icons, internet, is this it, jack white, jared followill, jennifer aniston, jennifer morrison, joaquin phoenix, john krasinski, josh homme, julian casablancas, karen elson, katie braatvedt, katie melua, kaya scodelario, keeley hawes, kill bill, kings of leon, klaxons, lady gaga, lauren graham, leighton meester, life on mars, lisa edelstein, lord of the rings, lost, lovefoxxx, lucy liu, m.i.a., mamma mia!, matthew followill, monty python, muse, nathan followill, nicholas hoult, nick valensi, nikolai fraiture, paddingtons, patrick wolf, pete doherty, philip glenister, pride and prejudice, queens of the stoneage, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, red hot chili peppers, reese witherspoon, regina spektor, room on fire, sarah jessica parker, sex and the city, skins, starbucks, steve carell, the beatles, the horrors, the killers, the libertines, the office, the strokes, the velvet underground, the view, the white stripes, vogue, walk the line, white stripes, xtc, yeah yeah yeahs, youth and young manhood